The perfect family bike ride

Family bike ride

Summer is fast approaching which means more families will be dusting the cobwebs off their bikes and getting ready to explore the great outdoors.

Family bike rides should be a fun, enjoyable experience for both the parents and the kids, and one that is as stress free as possible.

Following these tips will help you and your family plan ahead and have the best time on your bikes.

Mum and child with helmets

Safe cycling

Even with younger children learning the fundamentals of road safety should be a vital lesson. Understanding when to brake efficiently and safely is essential before hitting the road.

Teaching your children these lessons as they grow older will turn into a habit for them, making their cycling safer.

Another example which should be set at an early age is the importance of wearing a helmet. Children often copy their parents and siblings, so ensure that you always wear a helmet, especially when around children.

You can involve your child by letting them choose a brightly coloured helmet, which they will enjoy wearing. It’ll also have the added benefit of better visibility on the road.

Choosing your route

Choosing your route

When planning your cycle route ensure that you avoid busy or main roads, head more for the countryside or parks.

For a good bike ride aim for two to three miles at first to ease your children into riding.

The destination should be fun and scenic to inspire the child as they explore cycling for the first time. Try planning fun rest stops, an ice cream shop is always a winner! This also gives your child a goal to keep on going, promising an ice cream at the end.

Cycling with backpack

Emergency backpack

Once you have worked out your route, you will have a brief understanding of what facilities will be available along the way. Now you can pack a bag full of essentials such as extra layers, water, snacks, money and (sometimes) sun cream.

It is a good idea to also pack some fun items to make the ride more enjoyable, a Frisbee, small football and some seed for the ducks at the park are big hits!

If you are planning to make a full day out bike riding, a good way to save money and please fussy eaters is to pack your own picnic.

This means you can stop along the way for a quick snack, viewing some joyous scenery instead of sitting in a cafe.

We suggest sausage rolls, ham and cucumber sandwiches, some strawberries and a sweet treat.

A good tip to remember when cycling on the road is to let the children cycle in front of you. This ensures you can keep an eye on them and traffic will see you first.

Don’t forget to check all of your family’s bikes before setting off on your journey.

Check the tyres are well inflated, brakes are working sufficiently and helmets are fitted correctly. Don’t forget to pack a puncture repair kit and a pump!

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