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Seven reasons to buy a Boomer balance bike


Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s most memorable milestones. So, we’ve created the perfect bike to help your children learn to ride. Just in case you’re still unsure, here are 7 reasons to buy a Boomer balance bike.

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How balance bikes give kids more independence

Learning to ride 3

Learning to ride a bike is a great achievement for your child but it’s important that they feel a sense of pride and independence after the event. Here’s how a balance bike helps your child feel more independent whilst they learn.

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Tips for taking the kids cycling off-road

Off-road cycling

Off-road cycling is a great way to build confidence and skill when riding. Once your child has mastered balancing and are confident cyclists on solid ground, why not head off-road and take them on their own adventure?

Here are a few tips to help you make the transition a smooth one.

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Summer cycling essentials


father and son having fun in city park

Summer is just around the corner and that means more time for cycling! The joys of longer days and warmer nights are perfect for cycling enthusiasts and even better for kids learning to ride their balance bikes.

To have a successful cycle with without any dramas (hopefully) don’t forget to bring these essentials.

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Danny MacAskill: From island lad to cycle superstar

Danny MacAskill

Danny MacAskill got his first bike when he was 11 and has hardly looked back since. Over the years he built up his skillset, pulling skids and wheelies on his native Isle of Skye, Scotland.

After many years of practice and enjoyment, in 2009 he uploaded a five-and-a-half-minute video of him performing street trials to YouTube. The video, filmed by his flatmate, was done over a six-month period and showcased some of his stunt talents.

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