Summer cycling essentials


father and son having fun in city park

Summer is just around the corner and that means more time for cycling! The joys of longer days and warmer nights are perfect for cycling enthusiasts and even better for kids learning to ride their balance bikes.

To have a successful cycle with without any dramas (hopefully) don’t forget to bring these essentials.


An essential for all sporting activities and one that is vital when cycling in summer is good old H₂O.

Water is needed to keep you hydrated at all times on the bike ride, remember if you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. If you are cycling on a particularly sunny day, don’t forget to consume even more water to keep you hydrated and full of energy.


Sunglasses are another must-have essential when cycling in the summer. For obvious reasons it would be daft to leave your sunglasses at home, leaving you squinting and straining your eyes on the ride.

Sun cream

As much as you may be in the flow of cycling or you are distracted by helping your little ones cycle safely, you cannot forget about reapplying sun cream. Use sun cream with a high protection factor to keep yourself and the kids from burning and don’t forget to apply it to your face!


Hungry kids and even hungrier adults can often become frustrated and unhappy – also known as being hangry!

Feeling hungry can also cause the concentration levels in both adults and children to dip, leading to mistakes and accidents. To avoid these issues, bring enjoyable snacks that are light enough not to be uncomfortable carrying. We suggest cereal bars, which are full of carbohydrates for energy.

Light raincoat

The great British summer is known for pulling a rain shower here and there so just to be on the safe side it’s a good idea to pack a rain coat. The coats don’t have to be anything heavy duty. A light weight rain coat or cagoule that is compact enough to ride with will do just fine.


A great tip is to always carry small change on you when cycling. On a hot summer’s day a pit stop for ice cream and a drink is inevitable. This is also great if you decide to have a longer stop for lunch.

First aid

A few tumbles and grazes are just a part of cycling. Even if your child feels confident on a bike, if they are cycling off-road or on routes they haven’t been on before they can come across tricky parts which may result in a tumble.

Plasters aren’t the only first aid item you might need, it’s always good to bring along hand sanitiser for disinfectant, tissues for runny noses and wet wipes.

All these items will easily fit into a small bag pack or even a seat post bag which is ideal for cycling. It won’t be particularly heavy, making it comfortable for a fun-filled family day out cycling!

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