Seven reasons to buy a Boomer balance bike


Learning to ride a bicycle is one of life’s most memorable milestones. So, we’ve created the perfect bike to help your children learn to ride. Just in case you’re still unsure, here are 7 reasons to buy a Boomer balance bike.

Made to last

The Boomer balance bike is made to last. Unlike many conventional balance bikes it’s made from steel. This means that it is not only more sturdy but can handle the daily wear and tear from your kids.

Transforms into a 12” pedal bike

With just a few tweaks your child’s Boomer can be transformed from a beginner’s balance bike to a fully functional 12” pedal bike. Boomer comes with attachable pedals so that when your child is ready to progress to the next stage they can with ease on the bike they are comfortable on.

Aids the learning process

Balance bikes have been proven to help your child learn a skill set that stabilisers have previously prevented. Learning to balance is the most important aspect of riding a bike and a Boomer balance bike allows your child to concentrate solely on this.

Kids love them

It’s as simple as that, kids love Boomer. Their slick design and bold colours make them popular with the youngsters.

Simple to assemble

When your Boomer arrives you will have all the tools needed to get your child balancing in a few moments. The first step to building your Boomer is to put the seat on, this step doesn’t require any tools.

Next is to slot the handle bars into place, you will need to use the Allen key that comes in the box to secure them into place. Attaching the pedal and chain set is easy when you follow the simple instructions in the box and there you have it, you’re ready to rock and roll.

Creates a sense of independence

Boomer helps children feel more confident about progressing from balancing the pedalling. It gives them a greater sense of achievement as they are able to feel like they done it independently, even though you are supporting them the whole way. This is just one of many ways that Boomer balance bikes give kids more independence.

Great price

For only £99 delivered you can get a built-to-last balance bike that grows with your child. What more could you want?

The Boomer balance bike is the bike that grows with your child. With an attachable chain set and pedals, the bike is ready when your child is ready to go from balancing to cycling!

Just £99 delivered*! Buy yours by clicking here.