On your bike! The benefits of balance bikes

Family biking

Teaching your child how to ride a bike, even if it does come with a few tumbles along the way, is a special experience.

Finally letting go of the seat is a big leap for your child, a scary one for you too, but with a balance bike that big step is transformed into a much safer, much easier little step.

A balance bike is a training bike that allows your child to learn control through balance and steering without the need for stabilisers, sometimes called training wheels.

The pain of having to buy a new bike once the child has outgrown the stabilisers to then have to go through the teaching process again as they learn how to balance is no longer an issue with a balance bike.

Benefit – developmental skills

From day one your child will learn how to balance and steer whilst still in control with their feet. It provides a unique development skill that the child wouldn’t get from a normal bike with stabilisers, developing their balance, coordination and self-confidence.

A child often struggles with the transition from stabilisers to pedalling without them, more than they do when they get on a bike in the first place.

They have to go through the whole process of learning to balance after they get on the bike – when it’s the key aspect of riding a bike. With a balance bike, they learn how to balance first!

Benefit – the bike grows with the child

Children grow at different paces and their ability to ride a bike is exactly the same, some learn very quickly and others take their time.

With a balance bike there is no rush and no limitations to how quickly or how long your child takes to learn safely and correctly.

With a Boomer balance bike the pedals and chainset come with the bike when you initially buy it, and you fit those when your child feels comfortable enough to take the next step. The bike grows with the child, when they are ready and brave enough to venture further.

Benefit – quicker transition

Often with learning to riding a bike there are two major steps, getting on the bike and taking away the stabilisers, both are massive learning curves for the child.

These steps can be minimised by making the transition easier.

When learning with stabilisers, a child often thinks that they have mastered the art of cycling, wanting to move forward when they are comfortable but their confidence is often knocked when learning to balance is much harder than imagined.

Benefit – the whole family benefits

If your family loves an adventure and loves to get out of the house, a balance bike can benefit all of you.

Going out on a family bike ride is often slowed down and turned into a chore when your child is still getting to know their bike.

With a balance bike, they can push themselves along, learning to steer and balance – speeding them up making the experience much more enjoyable for the whole family.

Boomer Balance Bikes – the bike that grows with your child – costs just £99 delivered* and you can buy yours by clicking here.

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