Olympic sports you can have in your back garden this summer

Olympic sports you can have in your back garden this summer

The Olympics has taken over our television screens so with that in mind here’s a list of back garden sports Olympic sports you can have in your back garden this summer.


It doesn’t have to be an Olympic-sized one, don’t worry. Kids love bouncing about on trampolines. Of course you can tailor this activity depending on the age of your child and their capabilities.

For example, for older children you could make it more of a competition such as who can do the most bounces in a minute.


We know you won’t have an 18-hole course in your back garden (unless you’re incredibly rich) but you can still get involved in the fun. You can make up a mini course in your garden and using plastic (less mess) cups turned on their side as holes.


Okay so it’s not quite the same as playing on a beach but it’s still great fun. Even if you don’t have a net, the washing line will do the trick. You can improvise with just about anything if you don’t have a volleyball. We’d suggest a beach ball or penny floater as they are soft for younger children, making it one of the great Olympic sports you can have in your back garden.


Yeah we didn’t know it was an Olympic sport either but apparently it will be as of 2020. We don’t expect your kids to be jumping off ramps and doing 360 turns but skateboarding is another great way to teach your children how to balance.


Fun for all the family, get a doubles tournament started whilst the sausages are cooking on the BBQ. A pretty safe option as long as you watch where you are swinging (ouch) and make sure the net isn’t too high for younger children.

Cycling sprint

Or in this case the balancing sprint. A race from one end of the garden to the next, either with or without help depending on experience. This is a great way to show off their new found balancing skills to family members and if they haven’t tried yet, it’s the perfect time to start.


If you’re lucky enough to have an Olympic-sized swimming pool in your back garden great, but if like most people your summers are spent dipping your toes into a paddling pool that took hours to fill, you can still join in the fun.

On a warm day it’s a great way to cool off or the perfect time to teach your kids how to swim. You never know, they could be the next Michael Phelps.

The Olympics bring everyone together and is a great time celebrate a whole range of sports. So get involved and enjoy the rest of the competition.

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