No time to teach your kids how to cycle? The self-riding Boogle will…


UK balance bike firm Boomer has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Google to produce the world’s first self-riding child’s balance bike.

Google wanted to break into the bicycle market after its self-driving car was given the green light in the UK and will launch next.

The new bike – to be called the Boogle – will enable busy parents to let their children out on bikes without their supervision.

The Boogle will come with added safety measures to ensure children cannot dismount from the bike during the journey.

The Boogle will come preloaded with hundreds of cycle routes which will appeal to young riders. The bike is also fitted with a purposed-built snack box for longer journeys.

Despite concerns from some quarters that the bike could be unsafe for younger children, both Google and Boomer have asssured parents that Boogle bike trips will be just as safe as trips with parents.

The Association of Professional Riders Intelligence & Learning has welcomed the project saying that innovation and technology will help to further the sport of cycling and eventually help to make it safer.

Until the Boogle is launched, you can always buy a Boomer here for just £99 delivered. It’s the bike that grows with your child!