Hunt down your eggs on a Boomer balance bike this Easter

Easter egg hunt

With Easter just around the corner why not try something new that incorporates both the classic egg hunt and a fun bike ride?

From your back garden to local parks (weather permitting of course) this can be a fun, family activity.

Worldwide fun

Dating back to the 17th Century, this Easter tradition is one enjoyed by families worldwide.

The idea is that you hide coloured eggs around your house or garden and children have to find the eggs. Originally the eggs were hard boiled and decorated by the children using food colouring, for example. Today, many parents use chocolate eggs as an extra incentive for children to find them.

Choose the location

If you’re going to incorporate a bike ride into your egg hunt, this means that the eggs can be spread over a bigger area.

Cycling will allow children to hunt further and wider whilst reducing their risk of becoming tired.

Use a local park or a large garden to host your hunt.

Get a group together – Ask your friends with kids or the parents from nursery if they want to join in. Easter egg hunting alone is no fun. A bit of competition is always healthy for kids so offer a prize to whoever collects the most eggs.

Pack a picnic

If you’re travelling elsewhere to complete you Easter egg hunt it may be a good idea to pack a picnic and make a day out of it.

If you’re doing it in a group each parent can bring something different. This gives you the chance to enjoy the full (hopefully sunny) day as a family.

Fun indoors

If the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor activities, why not do your egg hunt inside? Hiding eggs around your home can be just as fun and (if you don’t mind the mess) could even roll your eggs down the stairs.

Wherever you choose to do your egg hunt mixing it up and using your kids’ Boomer Balance Bike will create a unique memory along with giving them another excuse to get riding.

Get the kids out on the bikes these Easter holidays.

Happy Easter!

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