How balance bikes give kids more independence

Learning to ride 3

Learning to ride a bike is a great achievement for your child but it’s important that they feel a sense of pride and independence after the event. Here’s how a balance bike helps your child feel more independent whilst they learn.

Learn co-ordination safely and quickly

As they don’t have to concentrate on pedaling straight away your child has the chance to learn how to balance and steer succinctly.

Hand eye co-ordination is something that children start to develop from an early age and whilst balancing they will progress this development further.

This will benefit them as they will have this skill mastered when they are ready to progress, so it will be second nature when they are learning to pedal whilst balancing.

Kids in control

Children can comfortably control their movement whilst on a balance bike so they feel more independent straight away. They will be rewarded with a sense of achievement very quickly and will feel as though they have done it without the constant need for help from their parents or whoever is teaching them to ride.

Feel more comfortable when it comes to transitioning

As your child has already learned how to balance and steer on their bike, when it comes to transitioning this will be much easier.

Your child will feel comfortable on their bike so once the pedals are on their Boomer balance bike they will master it much more quickly.

Venture out with you quicker

The quicker your child learns to ride, the quicker they can venture out on family trips. This is true but, with the Boomer balance bike they don’t necessarily have to be pedaling to head out with the family, they can balance alongside you and whizz along just as quickly as if they were using pedals.

These are just some of the ways that your child can benefit from learning to ride on a Boomer balance bike and summer is the perfect time to start.

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