Crash Helmet buyers’ guide


Before your child even sits on a bike it is important to get them a properly fitting helmet. It can be easy to forget about helmets if your kids are just playing in your backyard, but teaching them they have to wear one from the start will make life easier and safer in the long run.


If your child’s helmet doesn’t fit properly then it isn’t going to be able to do its’ job sufficiently. The easiest way to fit your child for a helmet is to take a soft tape measure and place it around the circumference of your child’s head, roughly 1cm above the eyebrow. From these:

  • Too big –Signs that your child’s helmet is too big include when they shake their head it moves around a lot along with the strap being loose under the child’s chin.
  • Too small – The main sign that the helmet is too small is that the helmet is sitting quite high on the top of their head, leaving a large area of forehead visible.

If you are at all unsure whether or not the helmet is the correct size, ask someone in store before you buy.

Whilst you are there it is a good idea to check your own helmet as you need to set the correct example for, not only your child but, other children as well.

Colour and style

There are hundreds of different shapes, styles and colours when it comes to helmets that vary in price.

We would recommend you stay away from cheap helmets as the chances are they are not very well made and obviously no parent wants to risk their child’s safety to save some money.

Colour and style are more of a preference and we would suggest that when you know the size of your child’s head that you pick out a few sturdy and colourful designs for your child to choose from.

That will ensure you aren’t swayed to choose an incorrect size if your child spots one that they prefer and (possibly) have a temper tantrum about it. If the child has chosen their own helmet they are more likely to wear it.

Choosing a bright and colourful design that your child likes not only encourages them to wear it but also gives them more visibility when on the road.


Different helmets provide different layers of protection as some have more foam padding on the inside than others, the foam itself is crushable and works by cradling the head on impact.

Not only does a helmet protect your child’s head from injury, which of course is its main function, but it can also protect them from the elements.

No one plans to get caught in the rain or hail but on the off chance that you do, your helmet can shelter your head. It can also be a good way of protecting your child from harmful sun rays when out and about over the summer.

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