Beware the balance bike ‘bargains’

Boomer spring

Everyone loves a bargain, of course we do, but often what sounds like a fantastic deal can turn out to be a costly mistake and this is sadly all too common with balance bikes.

The cynics out there could be forgiven for thinking this is an attempt to justify Boomer’s price tag compared to others on the market but, quite simply it’s not.

For us, quality means safety and safety is everything when it comes to our kids so we’ll make no apology for our commitment to it.

Boomer balance bikes are by no means the most expensive balance bikes on the market but they are also far from the cheapest either. Here’s why:


Boomer bikes are made using only quality components and materials. This, obviously, means a far better (and safer) final product for your kids. Lots of cheap balance bikes on the market are made using sub-standard materials that don’t meet safety requirements.

Some of the wooden bikes are actually just laminated chipboard! Do you seriously want your child riding a chipboard bike? We thought not…


Boomer bikes come with fully adjustable handlebars and seat (not to mention the easy-to-attach pedal and chain for later) and a quality seat that’s comfortable for your child to ride. Many cheaper balance bikes offer only a fixed frame with poorly made saddles that lead to sore bums!


One of the most striking differences between a quality balance bike and a cheap one is the weight. Quite simply, the cheap ones are usually ridiculously heavy which is not conducive to safe balancing for children. Boomer balance bikes, at 7kg fully assembled, are a good weight for kids to use without sacrificing that feeling of robustness.

Cheaper in the long run

The benefit that really sets Boomer balance bikes apart from competitors is that they can be your child’s first 12” bike then, when they’re ready to go from balancing to pedalling, you simply fit the easy-to-attach pedals and chainset and off they go.

No need to buy another bike for the next part of your child’s cycling journey! So, a Boomer actually SAVES you money in the long run.

How many other balance bike brands can make that claim?

Also, Boomer bikes come with free delivery to mainland UK. You pay one price to have your Boomer delivered right to your door.