Why Boomer Balance Bikes are Great for Kids

People often ask us why buy a Boomer balance bike over a normal bike with stabilisers for your child’s first bike.  Well here’s the answer.

2 in 1 Boomer Balance Bike

As every parent knows teaching your child to ride a bike is giving them their first right of passage. What better way to teach your child than to give them a Boomer balance bike. Unlike nearly every other balance bike on the market, the 2 in 1 Boomer balance bike is the smartest, with its attachable pedal and chain set included; this balance bike becomes the child’s first 12” bike once they are ready to make the transition from balance to cycling.

This gives the child extra confidence as they are learning to “ride” on a bike they are already comfortable with thus making the transition quicker and safer and they miss out on the awkward stabiliser stage. The Boomer is also very economical, no need to buy 2 bikes, your child has a bike that can last them for up to 3 years and once they are ready to move on, the pedals and chain can be removed so younger siblings can have a Boomer balance bike to learn with. The Boomer balance bike is good for kids from 3 to 6 years of age.